7 Ways To Keep Your Craigslist Clone Ever Growing Without Much Efforts

Today advertising or promoting or marketing any business organization or its products and services has become a trend. Every day we are encountering advertisements of various firms and small-scale business marketing their business. They try various methods to market their business, some of them are: advertising on TV, newspaper, magazines, social media and digital marketing are also trending this day. In order to reach to the mass of audience, advertising and marketing play an important role. But since last decade, Classified website or being simple with words Online Advertising websites are raising their empire very fast.

The trend of Online Advertising and Classified website are increasing day by day. Classified Software provides its user a platform where they can promote and market their business as well as their products and services on it. Craigslist, OLX, eBay are some of the examples of the Classified website.

The reason behind the increasing trend of Classified Ads Software is, they provide world-class user experience to its user. But to develop a Classified Software from scratch require a lot of time, money, and human efforts which every business organization or startup cannot afford the cost of developing a website from scratch.

For them, Craigslist Clone script is very much helpful in order to develop their Online Advertising website similar to Craigslist. Craigslist Script saves the lot of time, money and energy of both website owner and website developer as well. Craigslist Clone script has all the features which any Classified Ads Software has. In order to develop your Classified Software within no time, Classified Script can be helpful in doing the same. Refer how custom classified website made easy development procedure.

Here are some of the impressive features of Craigslist Clone script which add more value to your Classified Script

Easy Registration and Login:

In Craigslist Clone script, there are various methods using which your user can register or login them self to your website and get started with posting ads on it. Using Craigslist Script your user can login with: email, social media, etc. A user can also share their ads on various Social Networking website in order to reach to the millions of people within a short period of time.

Post Ads On the Basis of Categories:

In order to provide its user a seamless user-experience in posting unlimited Ads on it, Classified Script has a predefined various category, using which user can post ads in any particular category easily. The user can also request admin to add a category if required. Admin can then look forward and respond to his request.

Advanced Searching and Filtration:

Craigslist Clone script has one fascinating feature of searching and filtering, using which your user can search ads of his choice. The user just needs to pass certain criteria which he is asked for. Classified Script will then respond to him as per his request on the basis of the criteria.

Secured Payment Option:

Using your Craigslist Script, if any user had received an offer on his ad, he/she can then fulfill the financial transaction using any Payment Gateway. Classified Script has predefined PayPal as its default payment gateway. Using PayPal, the user need not be afraid of theft or threat by the third party.

Received Offer:

By logging in to your Classified website, Advertiser can view the list of offer he has received on his ad. This will help Advertiser to improve and make changes in his business strategy.

Mark Ad as Urgent:

If an advertiser wants to sell anything within a short period of time, then he can post an ad by adding ‘Mark Ad as Urgent’. This feature will highlight the ad and when any user login to your Classified Ads Software, it will catch user’s eye easily.

Secured Admin Panel:

Admin of your Craigslist Script will be having full authority over the website, he can manage following areas on your Online Advertising website:

  • Ad management
  • Payment History management
  • View User’s Login History
  • Exporting data using XLS or CSV format, etc

At last, Using Craigslist Clone script for developing your Classified website will save a lot of time, money and energy required to develop a Classified Software from scratch. Craigslist Script makes website development task fun. If you are startup and planning to start your own Classified website similar to Craigslist, you can reach us at sales@clonescloud.com. Our team of aces will guide with all the help you require to develop your Classified Ads Software.

5 Credible Lineaments for Successful Classified Software

The world has become advertisement conscious. And the ad based community ballooned after the massive success of Craigslist, the oldest and the biggest classified services on the web. It would be the right time to start your own classified website as it becomes such a hot topic nowadays. In fact, many business people have been started a profitable business using Craigslist Clone Script or any other Successful Classified Software.


Craigslist Clone Script


It is a ready-to-launch script that lets you get started with your very own classified website similar to Craigslist. But there are numerous Classified Scripts available on the web, not all are successful. So, how to find the best classified script for your online business? These are the key factors that enable you to recognize Successful Classified Software.


5 Peculiarities for Successful Classified Software:

Now it’s no wonder if you are planning to start your own classified website, but Classified Script makes it easier the entire process. Well, consider these foibles if you are looking for the Successful Classified Software.


1. Customization as per business needs

Most of the website clone scripts are providing endless customization. It happens sometimes that the ready-made Craigslist Clone Script or any Classified Software may not fulfill all your niche marketing requirements. Your requirements might be different as per your business needs. So, choose the script which offers the customization option. Giving a personal trait can make your website more potent.


2. Stable and bugs free script

The successful classified script is stable and gives you an error free code. However, the majority of the clone scripts is full of bugs. The bugs free software is very important because it maintains your website’s quality. It improves team’s productivity and diminishes the cost of developing.

You will get happy and satisfied customers by using the error-free script. The bugs free Classified Script leads customers to use your product or service efficiently, they find products more reliable, trustworthy and even may recommend it to others.


3. Responsive design

It supports responsive web design to make your website look good on all the devices such as desktop, tablets, and phones. The responsive websites are fluid, that means the content moves freely across all the resolutions and all devices. Both the grids and the images are fluid. It enables visitors to consume content on your website through the device of their choice and preferences, anytime.

Moreover, Google prefers Responsive Web Design. The Responsive Web Design makes your website easier and more efficient for Google to crawl, index, and organize content. Additionally, it gives an excellent user experience.


4. SEO & SMO friendly

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the core component of digital marketing strategy. However, Successful Classified Software is SEO & SMO friendly. Every page of your classified website gets indexed faster as it comes with SEO friendly URLs. You may wonder that many business people are spending a lot of money on SEO today because smart business owners are thinking toward the future. Well, the SEO & SMO friendly script will save your money and efforts as it integrated with On-page SEO code.


5. Loaded with most advanced features

The Classified Script is loaded with all the modern features that will make your business running process automatic and easy. Though you don’t need to spend some extra time to add some trendy features. Additionally, Software Development Company will give you a yearly update of the current version that is integrated with most advanced features. So, you just need to install it.

These are the 5 peculiarities of Successful Classified Software. If you people are planning or thinking to start own Classified Website, always choose classified script which is having a simple layout so that gets for the end clients to use. Also, consider above features so that you can go to market with confidence.